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Clicker - FREE Membership

• $0.01/400 pages surfed
• List 5 Websites
• Banner, Text, & Email
• 10 Second Surf Timer
• Refer bonus 25Cr/25Ban/50Tx
• 2 Downline Levels
• 10% 1st level residual traffic
• Surfing Rewards (cash, credits, imp)
• 3:1 Surf Ratio (with dynamic surfing)
• Email referrals every 7 days
• 10% Commissions on upgrades
• 10% Commissions on purchases
• Residual Income

Clicky Pro - $9.99/month

• $0.03/400 pages surfed
• 400 Credits per Mo.
• List 15 Websites
• Banner, Text, & Email
• 8 Second Timer
• Refer bonus 50Cr/100Ban/100Tx
• 3 Downline Levels
• 12% 1st level residual traffic
• Surfing Rewards (cash, credits, imp)
• 3:2 Surf Ratio (with dynamic surfing)
• Email every 3 days
• 25% Commissions on upgrades
• 20% Commissions on purchases
• Residual Income
• Dynamic Upgrades

Click Master - $14.99/month

• $0.05/400 pages surfed
• 600 Credits per Mo.
• List 25 Websites
• Banner, Text, & Email
• 6 Second Timer
• Refer bonus 75Cr/200Ban/200Tx
• 5 Downline Levels
• 15% 1st level residual traffic
• Surfing Rewards (cash, credits, imp)
• 1:1 Surf Ratio (with dynamic surfing)
• Email every day
• 40% Commissions on upgrades
• 25% Commissions on purchases
• Residual Income
• Dynamic Upgrades

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"How Many Visitors You Bring To Your Website Is Important... But The QUALITY Of Your Visitors Is Even MORE Important!"

From Dan Moses:

If you're serious about advertising your business online... If you've tried all those click thru programs that promise quality traffic but don't deliver... Then it's time to join thousands of paying customers who are as serious as you, by grabbing your free ClickMaster Pro membership today!

You see, ClickMaster Pro isn't your ordinary click thru program. For one thing, it's backed by experienced Internet marketers. We've not only "been there, done that" but have gained the level of expertise necessary to succeed in click thru marketing.

More importantly, ClickMaster Pro gives you the opportunity to advertise directly to other paying customers. These are individuals who have paid for a CMP membership. You see, for the first 8 years ClickMaster Pro was a paid to join click thru program, but not anymore... and today is your lucky day to start advertising to thousands of pre-qualified buyers.

ClickMaster Pro Benefits

ClickMaster Pro is like a magnet that attracts the very best clickmasters. The cream of the crop... those highly motivated individuals who are not only interested in promoting their own business but are serious about seeing what other members have to offer as well.

So here's what you can look forward to with a ClickMaster Pro membership...

Capture targeted traffic from serious-minded Internet users

Market to highly motivated and pre-qualified buyers

Promote and advertise where the real money is being spent

What it boils down to is this. The fact that thousands of members have paid to join ClickMaster Pro means they are automatically qualified as a serious click thru marketer. In other words, they're not just here to pick up free credits.

You can count on the fact that these clickmasters are dedicated to professionally promoting their business. Plus, the people you refer will want to be clicking which means they'll be generating long-term residual traffic for your website!

Don't waste another minute trying to convince freebie-seekers to purchase your products and services. Join ClickMaster Pro and start promoting to other serious click thru marketers today! It's definitely the one program you'll be more than happy you joined!

We offer 4 advertising methods that make up the Formula to our Advertising Success.

1. Page Views (you need visitors before you receive sales) 2. Text links (this tool can convert browsers into buyers quickly) 3. Banners (we've all seen them before and they still work well today) 4. Email Marketing (once you refer members you can email them)

If this sounds good to you (and it really is), we’d be happy to give you a free ClickMaster Pro membership so you can see for yourself how great this traffic generator really is!

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I urge you to take action today... Join ClickMaster Pro for free...and see for yourself the dramatic increases in traffic and results we can bring you!
Dan Moses Pro Click Master P.S. Not quite ready to join? Click on the FAQ link and get the scoop!


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